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About Progtributes

Progtributes is a collaboration between Yesshows and Genesis Project. Together they are able to perform various shows with music of Yes, Genesis Peter Gabriel and Symfo Classics.

The group consists of seven top musicians who bring the music of Yes, Genesis and Peter Gabriel but also a varied choice of progressive rock from bands like Pink Floyd, Rush, UK, Focus and Earth&Fire. All music is performed with the same passion and energy as the original bands did in the 70s.

You can choose what kind of show will be performed. Examples of the combinations:

  • A two set concert with Yes and Genesis
  • A two set concert with Peter Gabriel and Genesis
  • A three set show with Yes, Genesis and Symfo classics
  • A four set show with Yes, Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Symfo Classics
  • A complete evening of classics with music of all bands mentioned.

Through this website you will be informed about our upcoming concerts, watch the live promo films and read the comments of the attendees of a show.

If you want to feel that energy and passion, then you should not miss this.

How about Roundabout of Yes ?

How about Sledgehammer of Peter Gabriel ?

How about Storm and Thunder of Earth and Fire ?

How about Time and The great gig in the sky of Pink Floyd ?

How about Rendezvous 6:02 of UK ?

How about Firth of Fifth of Genesis ?

Our gigs


8-3-2019, Gebouw T,
Bergen op Zoom

Genesis Project - Seconds Out

Tickets €12,50 / €13,50 available here

10-3-2019, Podium de Flux,

Genesis Project - Seconds Out

Tickets €14,00 / €16,00 available here

17-5-2019, Parktheater,
Alphen a/d Rijn

Genesis Project - Seconds Out

Tickets €17,50

8-6-2019, Theater Pantalone,

Peter Gabriel Tribute
Genesis Project - Seconds out
Tickets €12,50 available here

14-6-2019, Spirit of 66,
Verviers (B)

Tickets €13,00

4-10-2019, Cacaofabriek,

Yesshows plays Yessongs
Genesis Project plays Seconds Out
Tickets €15,00 available here

5-10-2019, Markant,

Genesis Project - Seconds out
Tickets: €20,00 available here

2-11-2019, t Beest,

+ Absolutely Floyd
Tickets (volgt)

20-12-2019, Brabanthal
Leuven (B)

Genesis Project - Seconds out
Tickets: €27,41 available here

31-01-2020, Bibelot

Genesis Project - Seconds out
Tickets: €15,00 available here


Below you can watch some live videos of Progtributes, recorded during several of their concerts.

Meet the Band

Hover over a bandmember and get to know them better.
Ebert Zwart
Keyboards & Backing vocals
Ebert Zwart
Hi all

Ebert was born in 1963 and is Prog fan since 1979. He plays progressive rock since 1999. Before that Ebert played several styles like Pop, Soul and Jazzrock/Fusion. Now he is all into Progressive Rock with bands like Genesis Project, Yesshows, Supertrap, Awaken and of coarse Progtributes!

Enzo Gallo
Guitar, Steel guitar & Bass guitar
Member Photo
Hi all

Enzo was born 1971, the release year of Fragile. At the age of 13 Enzo started playing in bands, playing New wave to Progressive rock. Now he has the chance to seriously play repertoire of Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush and so on. He even plays the bass guitar on several songs.

Edwin Roes
Member Photo
Good day

Edwin was born 1964, At age of 9 he was finally allowed to exchange his flute for a guitar. In 1980 he starts playing in bands with styles like rock, jazzrock and blues. And nowadays he plays progressive rock in Progtributes.

Hein van den Broek
Lead vocals & Acoustic guitar
Member Photo

Hein was born a long long time ago. Until mid 90s he was like a musical freelancer joining all kinds of jam sessions and one-time commitments. In 1996 he starts Madyson, later on called Ice and recorded several Prog albums. Right now Hein is our Peter Gabriel in Progrtributes.

Katinka van der Harst
Lead vocals & Harp
Member Photo
Hi there

Katinka sang here whole life, but didn't find the stage until the 21st century. At first in a coverband with her father and from 2013 as a singer in Infloyd and Ayreon. Now as the lead vocalist in Progtributes, an offer she couldn't resist.

Lex Bekkernens
Drums & Percussion
Member Photo

Lex was born in 1988. He is a multi instrumentalist, playing drums, piano and guitar. Diagnosed with Gilles de la tourette syndrome, he now is famous for playing the piano in the Tourette band. Right now he plays in Yesshows, Genesis Project, Mangrove and his solo project Deflexion. And Progtributes!

Martin Thoolen
Bass, Bass pedals & Backing vocals
Member Photo

Martin was born in 1962, At age of 12 he was enthusiastic about the sound of the Rickenbacker bass and Moog Synthesizers. As an autodidact he started to play the music of Yes, ELP, Rush and Genesis. Now he plays the Chris Squire limited edtion of the Rickenbacker 4001 and the Moog taurus 1 bass pedals.

What people say about Progtributes

It is always nice to read the comments on our movies that are made by those who watched them.

I love that song, you guys do it very well..

Tjonge. Veel mooier dan dit komen ze niet...

very nice indeed...well played guys !!!

Oh man! Beautiful!!

Very good ...Great to hear tribute band with one of their best songs ..... Enjoyed played well ALL!!!

Excellent !

wow. That is a super tight performance. I loved it. I'm dying to see more. Post whatever you have for sure.

Wow I have to say I believe you all nailed it. Not an easy Yes song by any means. The sound was spot on great job Bravo

Well done sooo good.

I am really blown away by this! Wow! fantastic. I am a lifelong Yesfan and am really impressed by this!

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